Monday, August 3, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 - Close, but no Cigar

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

It's basically an online personal shopping subscription service, but very customize-able.

When you fill out your "profile" you answer very specific questions about your size, measurements, style, preferences, price range, etc.
They send me 5 items, once a month. I can pick any or all of them and send the rest back, just paying for what I want.

What makes this one different? You can include a link to your own Pinterest board with pictures/links of styles you like. Also, you can specify what specific articles of clothes you are looking for (pants, skirts, tops, jackets, etc.) While the site also includes jewelry and handbags, you can opt out of any of those specific items. You can even request special items for specific events (semi-formals, etc.)

So why am I trying it? Honestly, I hate clothes shopping.
I get overwhelmed by the options, frustrated by the sizes, and annoyed by different fits. I hate the whole process.
Because of this, my current work wardrobe is very old and limited, so I specified that I am looking for business casual attire.

I was still figuring out the process, and I forgot to document it, but I ended up getting three items. A lacy tank, a striped jersey jacket, and a pair of earrings.

This month, all five items were spot on with style, but the fit was just off.

(Just ignore my hair... it was Saturday and I wasn't leaving the house. Glamorous, I know!)

First up: a pair of jeans and a flowing print blouse.
The jeans fit well around the waist and length, bonus points for no "intentional" rips (stupid trend) and they were boot-cut, not skinny jeans (which is a VERY stupid trend.)
The problem? They were a little tight around the top of my thick thighs.

The top isn't something I would normally pick out, but it was pretty cute. The color was flattering, and the back was blue lace, so I needed to wear a tank top under it.
The problem? While cute at first, it made me look rather boxy. I looked like I had no shape.

Next up: a navy and white striped dress. Cute! The fit and length was good, I liked the shape and flow
The problem? Thankfully you can't really see it in the photo, but the dress was a very thin material, causing it to be too see-through. I'm sure it would be fine if you had one of those full body-suit underwear things... but I don't.

Also shown: multi-tier silver disc necklace. I liked this one as well and was considering purchasing it, but it didn't quite lay right on me. I am rather busty which tends to "funnel" wide necklaces to the center. Not quite right.

I thought I was going to be out of luck, but there was one more item in the box: a gray flowy cardigan. It drapes straight down in front, and has a cute little ruffle in the back.

Ok, in the front facing picture the horizontal stripes make me look pregnant, when I'm not! But can we take a moment to appreciate how good my back end looks in the other picture?

Hey, no one's perfect.