Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stupid, No-Good, Very Bad Wallpaper!


You hear me? Not even for an accent wall. Just say no! NO!

Ironic how these things work... you may remember how easy-peasy it was for me to peel the paper itself off the walls. It was a breeze! I thought I had it so easy... little did I know what I was in for.

When we left our wallpaper-removal project last, not a scrap of paper was left on the walls but a sheen of glue was left, covering the entire surface. It was so thick, it was tacky to the touch.

I knew it was going to be such a big job that I.... procrastinated. Aaaand procrastinated. In all fairness I was trying to finish off the master bedroom and bath. So I made excuses and procrastinated.

Thankfully, this is where my mom lends a HUGE helping hand. Whenever I need help with a big project, she is always more than willing to help and this time she even brought backup; my dad. He was so helpful at getting the high spots.

Using a special wallpaper stripping gel (see right), we sprayed, we waited, we scraped, we soaked, we scrubbed, we scraped more.... the result? Nothing. Failed.

Yes, we did take off some glue (I think) but the majority is still left on the wall. Hours of tough work, and it still can't be painted yet.

I know the paint would just bubble and peel if I painted over the glue, so I was thinking maybe I could prime it with a tough bonding coat. Mom checked in with the experts at the painting store and they said NO WAY. Do Not Paint yet.

So they recommended a different type of product: Piranha Wallpaper & Paste Remover Concentrate then scrubbed with a Scotch Brite type pad.

I've only tested it on a small area, and it still takes a LOT of elbow grease, but DANG if didn't work!

It took off at least 95% of the glue. There is still barely a little bit of "shine" (glue) in the tiny indentations from the paint roller texture, but that is hardly anything. I am going to try using a bristled brush in addition to the scrubber, and see if that helps.

The one and only fun thing of this entire process? The previous owners signed their names on the wall before they (had a lapse in judgement and) put up wallpaper.

So evidently, before the Paterson's, our house was owned by the DiBrito's: Al, Jeri, Gina, Angela, and Nicole along with Bandit and Vinnie (who I would assume were pets.)

But there are so many better ways to leave a time capsule. My favorite is the light switch plate time capsule.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Big Reveal: Master Bed/Bath

It seems like it has taken forever, but we FINALLY finished the Master Bedroom and Bathroom!

No more outdated sponge-painted walls, no more 90's window treatments, no more shiny brass.

Let me remind you what it used to look like...
I had taken down the ugly curtains, and the against-code light fixture before this picture was taken, but you get the idea. Complete with popcorn ceilings, sponge painted walls, AND wallpaper boarder. Lovely.

The light fixture which I promptly took down was against code because it was track lighting. It is against code to have this within 8 feet of a tub/shower, because you can reach up and touch the track part which is "live" and it would electrocute you.

Our bedroom was more of the same. More sponge paint, more of the same curtains, thankfully no wallpaper border.
I forgot to take a good picture before the ceiling guys started to remove the popcorn, so here are some post-popcorn pics:

 There used to be a brass ceiling fan too, but that broke and we had replaced it earlier.

The curtains had both stripes AND squares with swags on either side and a ruffled valance. Pure early 90's!
Here they are, heaped in our basement waiting to be donated.

So what did we do? Just about everything we could do...
- We had the broken ceiling fan replaced
- We had the popcorn ceilings scraped and painted
- We installed a new closet system (see right)
- Removed old vanity lights and installed new ones
- Painted (lots)
- Installed a new bathroom fan
- Installed a new ceiling light over the tub
- Made curtain rods

- Sewed curtains
- Bought new bed linens
- New nightstands and lamps
- Recovered a vanity bench
- Replaced light switches and outlets (from almond to white)
- Cleaned/waxed the vanity cabinets
- Replaced the cabinet hardware
- New rug and bathroom accessories
- Actual art on the walls (a first for me!)
- Built floating shelves
... the list seems to go on and on!

But the result? I certainly love it and really enjoy a space tailored to our style.

Check it out!

As promised, here are the floating shelves all finished!

Above the tub, and again in the toilet alcove. As long as I was making the shelves, I also made towel/robe hooks and stained the wood the same color.

The bathroom flows right into the bedroom which we tried to make just as tranquil.

The large painting we commissioned from SisX. She did a fantastic job, and was paid well in beer, pizza, and art supplies! We had such a great weekend visiting, and ended up with the perfect piece of art.

On the opposite, facing wall needed some art too so Dear Husband (DH) suggested some of our wedding photos.
The scale of the wall is so large, that the pictures are VERY large... (20"x28")

It still seems a little narcissistic to have such a large picture of myself, but they are such beautiful photos thanks to our wedding photographer and friend, Karin.